How to Upload Your Code to GitHub Using GitHub Desktop

Uploading your code to GitHub is easy! In this tutorial, you just need the following:

  1. Your saved project.
  2. GitHub Desktop.

You can download GitHub Desktop at

Now, once you have downloaded and opened Github Desktop, click “Add” and then “Create New Repository”.

Once you have clicked “Create New Repository”, a box will pop up in which you will fill out your project’s information.

First, you will need to fill out the name. In this example, we have a project called “Blazor Server App”. So for the name, we will call this repo “blazor-server-app”. Below, you can also fill out the description box, which is optional.

Once you have filled out the name and description boxes, under Local Path, click the “Choose” button. This will take you to your file directory on your computer. This is the step where we choose which project we want to upload to our GitHub.

As stated above, in this example, a project called Blazor Server App, will be used.

You can now click “Create Repository”.

The repository has been created, now we’re going to click “Publish repository” to push it to GitHub.

A box will pop up, you can decide whether you want to make your code public or private. In this case, we’ll keep the code private. Next, click “Publish repository” again.


Once you publish your repository, you will see a message that states “Publish Branch- Cannot publish unborn HEAD”. You will need to make a commit and push it to your GitHub account.

This means you need to add a summary, describing the project that you are posting to your account.

Once you have added your summary, click the “Commit to master” button.

You will now select “Publish branch”.

Now let’s go to your GitHub account!

You should now see your project on your GitHub!




Proud Pug Mama | I love Blazor | C# | HTML | CSS | #WomenWhoCode | 80’s Heavy Metal Fan | Hiking Enthusiast

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Elahn Danee

Elahn Danee

Proud Pug Mama | I love Blazor | C# | HTML | CSS | #WomenWhoCode | 80’s Heavy Metal Fan | Hiking Enthusiast

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